Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Intelligent, Energy-Efficient Devices Unveiled at CES 2016

As reported by the Rocky Mountain Institute blog, Clean Energy Takes Center Stage at CES 2016. Consumer electronics are aligning with the need for enhanced energy efficiency and flexible connectivity is a major theme. A number of electric vehicles were introduced, either as concept cars or soon-to-be-produce vehicles. Smart home appliances are making major strides toward energy efficiency, with improved monitoring and demand shifting. And, as the Internet of Things gains momentum, more and more devices are communicating with each other, automobiles talking to smartphones, refrigerators relaying information, heating systems becoming remotely accessible.

What is surprising is that electric vehicle interest is soaring at the same time as oil prices are plummeting. From the article:
The rash of production EVs from auto makers is especially striking because oil prices are at a 12-year low. EVs have clearly evolved to become part of a long-term strategy by automakers to move beyond oil. All the EVs detailed here are based on underlying EV platforms (battery and chassis configuration) that can be reused as the basis for several different production models. 
These are all promising trends, offering a glimmer of hope that we can curb excessive energy use and reverse what sometimes seems irreversible: climate change.