Wednesday, January 21, 2004

How the Cookie Crumbles: A TrueMajority Perspective

If alternative energy is such a great idea, why aren't we seeing more practical applications in the everyday world? TrueMajority offers a vividly clear perspective on where our federal budget efforts are directed. This animated piece, starring Ben & Jerry's cofounder Ben Cohen, reduces the complexities of the federal budget to stacks of cookies--each cookie representing 10 billion dollars [US]. The graphic reality of the situation is enough to make any thoughtful person choke on their cookies and milk. The Pentagon budget appears as a big stack of 40 cookies ($400 billion dollars a year). The entire budget for researching and developing alternative energy technologies is 1/4 of a cookie. Education and other essential social programs are similarly dwarfed by Pentagon expenditures. The rational for maintaining this gargantuan military infrastructure certainly doesn't look very credible when compared to the expenditures of other nations. Both Russia and China combined equal only 12 cookies and the terrorist threat in the world is represented by less than a cookie. Perhaps it's time we thought seriously about taking a few cookies off the bloated military budget stack and putting them into something beneficial: alternative energy development, education, and other worthwhile programs.